1st QGIS Conference - Nødebo Denmark (2015)

Discover QGIS 3.x -

Spring 2019

Updated for QGIS 3.6 (long-term release)

A workbook for classroom or independent study

Lab exercises based on the GeoAcademy

Data, Discussion questions & Solution files included

Challenge exercises

Learn enhanced workflows with QGIS 3.x

Covers Spatial analysis, Data management & Cartography

New section - Advanced Data Visualization

Blending modes | Live layer effects | Expression-based symbology | Geometry generators | Time Manager | 3D | Mesh data

Available in Print and e-Book

400 pages




Get your hands on the award winning GeoAcademy exercises in a convenient workbook format. The GeoAcademy is the first ever GIS curriculum based on a national standard—the U.S. Department of Labor’s Geospatial Competency Model—a hierarchical model of the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to work as a GIS professional in today’s marketplace.

Originally written for QGIS v2.4, the GeoAcademy material in this workbook has been updated for use with QGIS v2.14, Inkscape v0.91, and GRASS GIS v7.0.3. This is the most up-to-date version of the GeoAcademy curriculum. To aid in learning, all exercise data includes solution files.


This is Part 1 of Discover QGIS published as a stand alone workbook. It gives you a great introduction to geospatial technology. It sells for only $11.99 and is perfect for those looking for an inexpensive workbook for introducing GIS via open source tools.

MASTERING QGIS - 2nd Edition

Myself, Rick Smith, Luigi Pirelli and John Van Hoesen are excited to announce the expanded second edition of Mastering QGIS. The goal of this book is to help intermediate and advanced users of GIS develop a deep understanding of the capabilities of QGIS while building the technical skills that would facilitate in making the shift from a proprietary GIS software package to QGIS. This edition is updated to the latest long-term release version (2.14) and includes descriptions and examples of many new features. This includes a new chapter on Advanced Data Visualization which covers live layer effects, QGIS2ThreeJS and Atlas generation. It is available in both hard copy and digital versions from Packt Publishing and Amazon.

MASTERING QGIS - First Edition

This is the first edition of Mastering QGIS. If you are a GIS professional, a consultant, a student or perhaps a fast learner wanting to get beyond the basics of QGIS then this book is for you. It will prepare you to realize the full potential of QGIS. This edition is available on Amazon with reduced pricing.