We create intuitive, attractive, and powerful maps and graphics for use in magazines, books, posters web sites, and digital presentations.

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words and maps are particularly convincing. Any map can be thrown together to show a lot of information. However, creating an effective visual aid that efficiently delivers your message requires our kind of expertise. 




We are well versed in open source web mapping and utilize tools such as Mapserver, Geoserver, Leaflet and Carto for data visualization online. These are all free of licensing fees and offer tremendous performance and scalability.

If you need an online presentation of your data let us know. We will help scope out your needs and identify the appropriate technology.





Spatial analyses and the modeling of spatial phenomena provide answers to geographic problems and create potential scenarios for planning purposes. They make it easy to compare results, understand spatial relationships and determine what-if scenarios.

Spatial analyses can range from the simple measuring of areas and distances to sophisticated modeling. 

Our specialties include habitat suitability models, niche modeling and habitat connectivity for wildlife. Whatever the need, we assist you with everything your project requires from initial scoping phase to final presentation.