My Harper's Index for 2017


Number of clients served: 22

Percentage of clients which were new: 41%

Approximate number of maps made: 256

Minimum number of weeks it took me to complete my GeoHipster interview: 10

Percentage of GeoHipster calendar submissions accepted: 50%

Percentage of blogs authored vs the number I hoped to write: 50%

New languages I began learning: 2


Number of short courses taught: 10

Number of professional workshops taught: 9

Percentage of professional workshops taught in Europe: 11%

Percentage of professional workshops taught in my city: 11%

Maximum number of semester long FOSS4G courses taught: 1


Number of US States traveled to: 7

Minimum number of Scandinavian countries visited: 3

Number of flights boarded: 34

Total kilometers flown: 55,783


Number of professional conferences attended: 7

Ratio of conference talks given to conferences attended: 6/7

Ratio of conference workshops taught to conferences attended: 3/7

Average number of hours of a conference workshop: 5.3

Ratio of conference workshop taught to those taken: 3/4


Number of oceans I saw whales in: 2

Number of social networks I have accounts with: 7

Number of social networks I abandoned: 1

Number of new social networks I tried: 2

Number of coffee roasters bought beans from: 24

Proportion of coffee roasters tried that were Scandinavian: 5/24

Number of coffee shops visited: 22


Total workouts done: 175

Distance walked: 723mi / 1,163km

Calories burned: 107,000 kCal

Weight of my best deadlift: 375lb / 170kg