2013 Year End Recap

The summer and fall went by so quickly! Unfortunately this blog necessarily took a backseat to the actual work. Thankfully the holidays have given me time to reflect on 2013. Professionally it was a fantastic year filled with great projects. Below are some of the highlights, in no particular order.  

  •  ~400 maps produced
  • Modeled potential and suitable beaver habitat in New Mexico
  • Traveled to Seattle, WA and Honolulu, HI to train people in an open source data collection workflow
  • Taught the 5th installment of the Introduction to Open Source Software and Web Mapping at CNM...the best one yet!
  • Attending FOSS4G NA in Minneapolis, MN
  • Supporting the Wildlands Networks TrekWest with route maps
  • Applied GIS to a wide variety of topics: wildfire, wildlife habitat protection, public health, wilderness proposals, travel management analysis, water rights, industrial noise, and parcel mapping.

Suitable Beaver Habitat

A tour of the Moana Lo'i (tarot field) and native Hawaiian permaculture

TrekWest Route map